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How to Earn ??

So you are trying to earn dollars online and are looking for various methods of earning money online. You will find lots of useful articles about “how to earn dollars online” over the internet, and each one of them will share something different and something useful with you. Before we proceed and discuss a few great methods of earning dollars online, let me tell you that there isn’t a single way of earning money over the internet rather there are hundreds of ways that can provide you with a constant cash inflow year after year. Online earning is a very vast field where you will find numerous methods for earning lots of money.

How to earn dollars online

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Here are some of the great methods of earning money online over the internet.

Become a writer and write articles

If you have writing skills or if you think that you can write articles, then you must start promoting yourself as a freelance article writer. There are many websites where you can write and submit your original articles for income. Try submitting articles at eHow, HubPages and others. eHow will share a fixed percentage of revenue with you that will result from ads published with your article. Similarly, HubPages have their incentive program where you can run your own Google AdSense ads with your published articles.

Besides, you can also register as a writer on a couple of freelancing portals like Elance, freelancer, oDesk and others. There is a great chance of getting lots of highly paid jobs via these portals provided you have above average writing skills.

Invest your money in an online business

There are tons of online businesses where you can invest your money and can literally double your initial investment rapidly. There are many ideas available to choose from when it comes to starting your own click-and-mortar business. Try selling something that you have expertise in producing. For instance, if you are good at making visiting cards, you must try selling your own hand-made visiting cards through your online store.

Make your own website

Buying a domain is very easy but building a website is a bit tricky and expensive as well. But once you will have your own website, you can earn lots of money quite easily without doing anything. There are people who earn thousands of dollars every month just from the ads they have on their website. Besides ads, you can use your website for affiliate marketing (which is another vast field), you can sell various products, you can sell any kind of services or you can use your website in any way you like.

Selling websites is another great earning opportunity. You can sell your website at a profit once it starts getting handsome unique visits. And let me tell you that you can earn a lot if you start selling websites at a fairly good margin.


Affiliate marketing, freelancing web portals, Google AdSense, eBay selling, virtual assistants, transcriptions are some of the other fields that can provide you with an opportunity to earn dollars online.

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